Social Networking. What does it mean?

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My understanding of the traditional social network concept acknowledges the links found within relationships, common interest areas and community group structures which have been or are formed, maintained and experienced between two or more people.

However, in today’s technology driven world the term social networking is most commonly associated with the online or virtual environment through the use and popularity of websites such as facebook, MySpace and Twitter. These online platforms serve to promote and document individual conversation and information contributions by highlighting relationship links no matter the participants’ geological location, time zone or in some instances, language.

In my opinion, today’s definition of social networking has altered from face to face conversation, to one that reflects and highlights the communication of physical relationships, common interest and community group structures through an increasingly intertwined physical and virtual world.


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Social networking websites that I currently use:



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What I want to learn and accomplish:

My hope for this university subject is that I will increase my understanding of how to apply social networking principles, strategies, technologies and tools effectively within a library and community environment.

I would like to learn and to discover effective ways to promote and engage different communities through the growing variety of user centred and socially driven information networks and online communication tools.


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