Personal Learning Network: What stage am I at?

January 16, 2011 at 12:45 pm (Uncategorized)

Using Jeff Utecht’s stages of PLN adoption I feel confident in placing myself somewhere in between the end of stage three and the beginning of stage four.  This means I already recognise that I do not ‘know it all’ – and that there is still a lot that I want to discover and learn – and having the ‘perspective’ to realise that I also need to balance all the separate areas of my life – on and off line – to achieve a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

I place myself in between these two stages as I’m finding both my work and home lives are at a point of collision.  I work predominantly within the online environment; creating, maintaining and managing online content and websites.  This places me at the forefront for exploring Web 2.0 tools and applications, and how these tools can benefit my employer and their online communities.  However, a side effect of this high level of Web 2.0 research and interactivity is that it is virtually impossible to be so heavily involved on a work front with these technologies and not see their potential use within your personal projects or life.  Consequently, I’m also a ‘internet junkie’ in my personal time.  It’s a blatant cross over of interests if you will.

I do not consider myself a fool and so am not beyond seeing the effect of my online interests on my personal life.  Nor am I blind to the changes in the technology that I now possess and regard as the ‘essentials’ – an iPod, digital cameras, laptop, netbook, kindle and a Blackberry smartphone just to name the most important to me.  However, the challenge I now face is the balancing and provision of ‘downtime’ to ensure I connect with people face to face and not just through the internet.  This, I believe, lands me at the starting point of  developing the required perspective to recognise my need for timeout and the ability to switch off.

So what stage are you at in your personal learning network?


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