About the Information Socialite

Who is she? 

Well, in the real world her name is Gemma.  She was born in England, but now lives in Australia with her husband Peter, and her two dogs Zander and Sasha (plus her mum, dad and sister who all emigrated ‘down under’ together when she was 12).  She works with online technology, content management and web applications.  She is also studying for her Bachelor of Information Studies at Charles Sturt University (online) and is a hopeless social networking addict!  

If you would like to contact the Information Socialite (aka Gemma) with your comments or even potential issues for future posts for the Information Socialite, please do so.

Now you know the ‘who’, what about the ‘how’?

The Information Socialite begun life as a university project/assignment for the Social Networking for Information Professionals module that I enrolled myself in.  Since I openly admit I’m addicted to social networking on my beloved and trusty Blackberry Bold, I have no hesitations in saying that I’m already really excited about this particular subject!  Lol.  And yes, so far that obmission of joy has proved to resemble a slight understatement.  I’ll let you know if it persists as the reality of study commitments with a full time work schedule sets in.

However, since I’ve been enjoying the pre-study exploration, discovering and researching into social media and social networking so much I’ve decided to keep the Information Socialite going with the hope that my observations and thoughts about my journey into the online world helps others. 

On a more personal note; the Information Socalite will also give me a project to do when I’m on maternity leave and at home with a little baby. I’m also holding onto the belief that it will also keep my mind active in the adult speaking realm and all that blah blah blah instead of submitting to the first time mum baby talk syndrome.

Anyway that’s the aim, intent, or whatever you want to call it for both for me and you.

The enjoyment factor is just a very big bonus! 🙂

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